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Simcoe North Liberal candidate condemns 'petty vandalism'

Aaron Cayden Hiltz's election signs targeted; 'Violence and intimidation have no place in our society or our political process,' he says
2022-03-29 Aaron Cayden Hiltz
Aaron Cayden Hiltz is the provincial Liberal candidate in Simcoe North.

Simcoe North’s provincial Liberal candidate is condemning acts of vandalism after his election signs were targeted.

In a statement issued today, Aaron Cayden Hiltz said some of his signs, including one at his home, were “smashed” Friday night.

“Violence and intimidation have no place in our society or our political process,” he said. “When someone tries to limit a voter’s free speech by wrecking the sign on their lawn, or tries to intimidate a candidate by committing vandalism where they live, it is not an attack on that one individual; it is an attack on all of us.”

Action taken by fellow Simcoe North candidate Aaron MacDonald, of the Ontario Party, “shows civility still exists in Ontario politics,” Cayden Hiltz said.

When MacDonald found one of the Liberal candidate’s signs vandalized, he informed his opponent’s campaign and helped fix it.

“It is that kind of decency that we should all have and show towards one another, despite our political differences this election, because when this is all done we are all neighbours in the same community,” Cayden Hiltz said.

“Today my team and I are out there campaigning, and will continue to do so every day from now to election day because no amount of petty vandalism will ever intimidate or deter us from our right and yours to participate in the democratic process.”