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Adopt Me: Bernie is looking for a unique home (adopted)

He is a former street cat who is used to outdoor life, so he'd enjoy living in barns, stables, auto repair shops, woodworking shops, etc.
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OrilliaMatters, in partnership with the SPCA Orillia Animal Centre, brings you a regular feature highlighting a special pet that is in need of adoption.


Hi there! My name is Bernie, I am a two-year-old neutered male. I am a handsome boy who is timid of people but I will make a great working cat! I am healthy, sterilized, vaccinated, microchipped, and in need of a new, non-traditional home environment.

Some examples of these new homes I am looking for could include barns, stables, auto repair shops, woodworking shops, wineries, breweries, greenhouses/nurseries/garden centres, churches, storage facilities/warehouses.

Working cats are not suited to be your typical indoor pets and, as unsocialized animals, they have no desire to be lap cats. This cat is a working cat/former street cat who is used to outdoor life, prefers minimal to no human contact, and who will happily tend to any mouse, mole or vermin problems for the small cost of a bowl of cat food and water set out daily, as needed veterinary care and shelter in a garage, barn etc.

And because we spay/neuter these cats before they leave the Ontario SPCA, adopters never need to worry about endless litters of kittens!

Due to Covid our Centre is not open to the public, however all adoptions are over the phone, email, and zoom. If you are interested in adopting Bernie please email us at

iAdopt is an annual adoption campaign that runs until Dec. 31 at all Ontario SPCA animal centres, and at participating SPCAs, humane societies and rescues across Canada with the goal to find loving forever homes for as many animals as possible.

There are some great prizes for our supporters to win during iAdopt for the Holidays. Anyone who adopts an animal between now and Dec 31st will be automatically entered to win.


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