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ONTARIO: Deer with arrow stuck in its back wandering North Bay neighbourhood

Neighbours witnesses a small buck with an arrow stuck in its back
20191213 injured deer
This injured deer with an arrow in its back has been seen in the Balmoral Crescent area of West Ferris. Photo courtesy Facebook.

NORTH BAY — Neighbours in the Balmoral Crescent area in West Ferris are concerned about a small deer roaming around the area with an arrow stuck in its back. 

Harry Sloan noticed the injured animal this week. 

"This little buck was shot with an arrow and he lives with it stuck in his back. He comes to a friend's yard and eats and appears to be okay," he said via social media.  

It's not the first time Sloan has noticed an injured deer in the neighbourhood. In September of 2018, he reported seeing a deer in the neighbourhood that appeared to have a wire wrapped around its torso. 

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Unfortunately, Sloan says he has contacted the Ministry of Natural Resources and Forestry and they have not responded to his concern. 

"It's really tough to see this — it breaks my heart," said Sloan.  

"The more this is shared and the more people call the MNR maybe they will do something.  He needs the arrow out — or he needs to be put down humanely."