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ONTARIO: Thought you couldn't make your own curling rink? You were wrong

Doug Strum recently hosted a bonspiel on a pond on the family farm

A homemade outdoor rink in Bruce Station, a small community north of Bruce Mines, hosted an eight-team outdoor curling bonspiel over the Family Day weekend.

Doug Strum created the rink on a pond in the corner of his farm's property for his children to have a place to skate, but one thing led to another, which led to a curling rink - complete with lines, rings, and a machine to clean it. 

The curling rocks, constructed using coffee cans, cement and wooden handles, were donated by neighbours. 

Strum says the bonspiel also served as a means to collect donations for the local food bank. He says he hopes to have two sheets next year in hopes the bonspiel will grow.