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Leacock Home grounds offer outdoor winter magic (12 photos)

Why not enjoy a self-guided walking tour (new this year) that is accessible via the tripvia tours ap this winter?

The Leacock Museum, located on a 10-acre site on Brewery Bay, features trails that take visitors along the waterfront, out to the boathouse, and that also connect with Orillia’s Lightfoot and Millennium trail systems.

While the site is a busier summer destination, the winter adds a quiet kind of magic, making it a perfect setting for reflection and rejuvenation, or discovery.

If you are interested in learning as you go, you can take advantage of a self-guided walking tour (new this year) that is accessible via the “tripvia tours” app. The tour is designed to accompany the visitor throughout the various rooms of the home, but also includes nine points of interest on the outside grounds.

I definitely recommend a winter visit, especially on a sunny day. It also offers an interesting alternative or side trip for those who regularly walk through Tudhope Park.

I look forward to being able to enjoy this National Historic Site even more in winters to come. I think it is an ideal site for outdoor activity (hint, hint, City of Orillia), whether special events like snowga, family skates, or snacks around a bonfire.

Happy (outdoor) holidays!