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Stephen Makk, newcomer to politics, running with new party

Meet the candidates running in the federal election in Simcoe North
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Stephen Makk

This profile is provided by the candidate

Stephen Makk is the confirmed People’s Party of Canada (PPC) candidate for Simcoe North. 

Stephen’s goal is to share a vision of Canada where personal freedom, individual responsibility, and civic engagement are the core values of a good, just and flourishing society. 

Stephen favours a common-sense approach to government, where it sticks to the basics and gets them right. Rather than proposing ever more new ways for the government to direct citizens’ lives and manipulate their finances, the PPC strives to keep government minimal, effective and out of your way. When government gets pushed back, you can move forward, because you know your own unique goals and how to reach them better than any government possibly can.

Stephen supports free speech and free thought, along with free markets and free trade. 

Key PPC platform planks include lower taxes for all, elimination of corporate welfare, better controlled and reduced immigration, investment in critical infrastructure including interprovincial and international pipelines, ending supply management, and practical climate effect mitigation and adaptation.

Stephen was born in Canada and earned an engineering degree at the University of Toronto.  

Stephen lives and works in Victoria Harbour. He owns and runs a high-tech business with his wife and business partner Riina, along with their two adult sons.   

Consider that the best person to represent you in Simcoe North may not be from the party you normally support. 

It is time for Simcoe North to have a Member of Parliament who can speak directly and independently, without being forced to vote along party lines. 

It is time to realize that no real change comes from the tired and repetitive cycle of the two main parties.

Vote for Stephen Makk and move forward by doing politics differently, the PPC way, with a forceful voice for the people.