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Sharing Place closed today, will transition to delivery service

New model of delivering food to 'members of our community who are food insecure' necessary in wake of COVID-19 pandemic
2019-06-13 Sharing Place open house 13
The Sharing Place Food Centre is located at 95 Dufferin St. Nathan Taylor/OrilliaMatters

The Sharing Place Food Bank will be closed Friday, March 20 to create a new model of delivering food to members of our community who are food insecure.

We will notify the public ASAP once we have the phone systems and process in place to manage calls. We are moving to a home food delivery process during the COVID-19 pandemic and will be taking delivery orders by phone. We will soon have a process available for people who can not call us on the phone.

For those of you who have already called in for a food delivery, we will be in touch once we have our process in place ... we promise. In addition to our amazing regular volunteers we have also had a bunch of awesome new people offer to volunteer and we will be in touch once we are ready.

We are working fast, smart and safe to make sure we can get our members safe access to food long-term. We are working with the City of Orillia, Simcoe County, SMDHU, Feed Ontario and have had great initial support from our community.

We ask people who have the ability to provide Financial Donations to donate online to help fund this new model of COVID-19 community food distribution. We need your help to fund masks, cleaning supplies, phone upgrades, fuel, food quarantine zones, bags, food, food and more food.

We will update our website once our program is in place. We are hustling! We promise.