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People-first Communication

Communication is the most important foundation to any relationship.  Our full-service accounting team will ensure your understanding by speaking like normal human beings and not speaking “Accountanese.”  It’s vital that you are comfortable asking questions about your situation – It’s YOUR situation and you need to understand it!

“Timely, Accurate and Knowledgeable” are the basics, if your accountant isn’t more than just these things, it’s time for a change.

KATA Accounting Solutions wants to make your accounting needs easy to understand and provide an unforgettable experience.  Find out how we can help!



We offer personal accounting services for individuals and families, from simple tax returns to planning for the future, buying a home or rental property, and more.


We provide business accounting services for Canadians self-employed individuals, and Canadian small businesses focusing on digital marketing, content creation, coaching and consulting.


We offering cloud-based bookkeeping services for Canadian consultants, coaches and creatives to help them keep on track, be ready for tax season and grow for the future.

Our People