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Since 1973, Master Lube Rust Check has been the only warranty-approved rust check service prodiver in Orillia and area. Our goal has always been to provide the area with a no-appointment, drive through, 15 minute service lubricant center. Each service includes a complete inspection of fluid levels, filter checks, courtesy lights and tire pressure. We are Enviro Friendly – we recycle all used motor oil, transmission fluid, oil filters, and antifreeze.

 Why Should You Choose Master Lube Rust Check?

  • Technicians certified by the Automotive Oil Change Association.
  • Only quality oil and filter products
  • Only recommending the manufacturers’ service intervals
  • Video recorded services

In an effort to provide superior protection against the ravages of winter, Master Lube joined forces with Rust Check in 1999 to offer total solutions for our customers. Rust Check’s premier Nationwide ‘Guaranteed Forever” warranty on qualified new and used vehicles ensures its place as the industry leader. Time tested and proven since 1973, Rust Check is the only warranty-approved rust check service provider in both the Orillia and North Bay area.

 The Benefits of Rust Check Services

  • Prolongs the life of your vehicle
  • Increases your vehicles resale value
  • Protects new and old metal for safer running
  • Deep penetrating long lasting rust protection that lubricates and prevents seizing

We continue to earn our customers’ trust by ongoing technical training through the Rust Check Corporation and the Automotive Oil Change Association. Master Lube Rust Check has been a member of the A.O.C.A which regulates the quick lube industry throughout N.A. and beyond since 1993.