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Thai food is most often quickly stir fried, steamed, or grilled. Such cooking methods, plus the use of fresh ingredients make it unusually healthy.Almost always, eating Thai style is a social affair that involves a group of people. Many herbs and spices in Thai cuisine have beneficial medicinal properties.
All of us at Thai Plate In Orillia are grateful to be able to serve quality fresh healthful ingredients to our patrons. Our restaurant fosters a community atmosphere, with shared pates and buffet style service on Friday lunches. We pride ourselves on providing the best quality service and best quality products to our patrons whom we consider family.

Lunch Combo Available on Mon.- Fri. 11am-2:45pm for Take out & Delivery! Dinner Menu Available for the whole time.
FINAL CALL for kitchen is by 9PM.

We have 2 Online ordering options, *Pay in Person* or *Pay Online*
Online Reservation is available now but limit to max.4 people. Please call if you can not reserve online.
***Please read* your email if it is the confirmation from Thai Plate. If you do not get restaurant confirmation, please call 705-259-7250 as soon as possible

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