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Home Appointments:

We offer in home visits to those who are more comfortable talking about
their memorial needs at home or who find it difficult to travel to one of our
8 showrooms.

Cemetery Lettering:

Sanderson Monument has a mobile service available for adding lettering to a 
monument in the cemetery. Lettering such as adding a final date, the family name
to the back of a monument, additional new names or designs.

Monument Cleaning:

Sanderson Monument has a mobile monument cleaning service available. If the
lettering on your memorial is faded or hard to read the monument is dirty and 
needs to be cleaned professionally. Our cleaning service can return your
monument to near new condition.


We have an in house sandblasting service for small items such as tire rims, auto parts
and metal patio furniture.

Cemetery Services

  • Cemetery Restoration
  • Cemetery Management
  • Cemetery Maintenance
  • Cemetery Burials

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