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We want you to have a healthy, green lawn.  To this end, we promote the use of high quality, long-lasting fertilizers and safe effective control products, used properly and professionally.  Our programs are all organic programs.  Our services include monitoring and inspection of your lawn and treatments necessary to enhance your lawn’s beauty and to control weeds, insect & disease.

What Sets Us Apart?

  • We use high quality organic based products that protect your property’s natural Ecosystem.
  • Monitored programs are set up using organic based fertilizer & weed control, when necessary
  • Crabgrass control applied to the lawn twice a year as a liquid suppresses small germinating weeds and crabgrass.
  • Fertilizer.  Organic based 75% slow release and fortified Kelp – KISS – Kelp, Iron, Sulphur, Supplement with Solucal
  • Core Aeration.  Rain and essential nutrients easily filter down to the roots via holes plugged from your lawn.  Aeration helps prevent your soil from compacting.
  • Weed & Insect Control.  Effective treatment of weeds using Fiesta, a new organic weed control
  • Organic Insect control products treat chinch bugs, sod webworms, cutworms and grubs – effectively and safely.
  • Tree/Shrub Services.  As a certified Arborist I can provide trained diagnosis and treatment for the diseases and health of your trees and shrubs.