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Wagner’s Green Program has been developed for our area to help keep your lawn green and healthy. In partnership with you, we believe we have the best program value with our six (6) application service. Proper watering, cutting frequency, cutting height, and aerating and seeding, combined with our Green Program, will help give you the lawn you desire.

In our Green Program, we have included three seasonal applications of a high quality granular fertilizer, specially blended for us to use in our area for our conditions. Our 20-0-20 slow release fertilizer has 50% slow released nitrogen, feeding your lawn for several weeks. Our custom fertilizer blend has no phosphorous, as soil tests we have done throughout the region show little or no phosphorous required. Plus, phosphorous in fertilizers can be a cause of algae issues in our lakes and rivers, so we can use our fertilizer around bodies of water with little impact on our environment.

Weed control applications are also included in our Green Program. We spray a minimum of two times per season utilizing FiestaTM. FiestaTM is a derivative of iron (which occurs naturally in nature), and has been approved by Health Canada and the Ontario Ministry of the Environment and Climate Change. With multiple applications, FiestaTM will help eradicate many broad-leaf weeds, including dandelion and thistle.

Our exclusive bio-stimulant spray, with kelp and other micro-nutrients not found in regular fertilizers, round out our Green Program, giving you an economical, safe, and effective program for your property.

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