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Kerry Mount

Kerry Mount

Corporate Secretary

In 2009 after 12+ years of property and casualty insurance experience at a management level, Kerry transitioned to more of a financial focus in her role and now manages much of the accounting functions for HMA. In addition, Kerry is responsible for all of HMA’s licensing requirements, compliance filings and other corporate functions.

Certifications, Education & Related Organizations
-Bachelor of Arts Degree
-Registered Insurance Broker of Ontario–Unrestricted License (RIBO)
-Canadian Accredited Insurance Broker (CAIB)

What are your hobbies and/or interests?
-Entertaining and spending time with friends and family
-Travelling and outdoor adventure

What do you think is the most important HMA Core Value?
If I had to choose one, it would be respect.I’m a big believer that our differences are what keep things interesting in life; demonstrating respect when people have a different opinion, thought or way of doing things is really important to me.

Greatest Accomplishment
I am really proud of the personal relationships that I have with friends and family–it takes me a while to develop strong bonds but I’m proud of the fact that the close relationships I have are ones I will have for a lifetime.Professionally, I’m proud of the fact that much of what I have learned while being employed with HMA is self-taught. I have had many roles within the organization since I started here in 2001 and I feel like I have the willingness to take on things that are outside of my comfort zone and find ways to get them done. I’ve learned that asking questions and making mistakes are the greatest opportunities to learn the most. I’d like to think that the people I work with know that I’m approachable and open to discussing concerns and questions because I’ve been in their shoes at one time or another.

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