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Lynn Surette

Lynn Surette

Financial Underwriting Manager

Lynn, Financial Underwriting Manager, has over 32 years’ experience within Group Benefits, with over 30 years as a Financial Underwriter. Lynn’s main underwriting experience is with both small and medium-size markets, up to 500 lives, utilizing all funding methods including ASO, Retention along with Fully Insured. Having a love for numbers, as a self-declared ‘number nerd’ and ‘computer junkie’, Lynn is financially responsible for the entire Group business portfolio at Hardiman Mount, which includes HMA’s proprietary product, 3G Benefits. Lynn has enjoyed much success in building strong relationships with various contacts at all the carrier head offices in which she works with.

What are your hobbies and/or interests?
-Family and spending time at the cottage.
-Volunteering with various Youth organizations over the years.

What do you think is the most important HMA Core Value?
For me, the HMA Core Value that is most important is Integrity. Being a person of truthfulness, honour, principles and values sets the perfect foundation for the other Core Values of Loyalty, Caring and Respect.

Greatest Accomplishment
On a personal level, I believe my greatest accomplishment is being the best Mother, Daughter, Sister, Granddaughter, Wife, Friend and Volunteer that I can possibly be. On a professional level, I believe my greatest accomplishment is that every day I get to go to work doing what I truly love, for a company that I believe in and respect, with co-workers who have really become family.

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