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Jada Willison

Jada Willison

Group Employee Benefits Specialist

As a Benefits Specialist, Jada works closely with our HMA clients, carriers, and consultants. She ensures all requests, tasks, and activities related to Group Employee Benefits are completed accurately and on time, as well as assisting clients with the implementation of benefit plans in a professional manner.

What are your hobbies and/or interests?
-Kayaking, adventures, anything outdoors related
-Visiting with my godchildren and watching them grow
-Spending time with family and friends

What do you think is the most important HMA Core Value?
All of them, but overall, I would pick integrity because I believe that it is the core quality of a successful and happy life.

Greatest Accomplishment
Personally, I'm proud to be an aunt and godmother to 2 beautiful, amazing and wonderful children. I also deeply value the longstanding relationships in my life and take pride in being a great sister, daughter, aunt, granddaughter and friend. Professionally, I am proud of the impactful relationships that I've built and the opportunities that I've experienced on my career journey

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