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James Allen

James Allen

Marketing Coordinator

As Marketing Coordinator, I am responsible for HMA’s social media and graphic design.

Certifications, Education & Related Organizations
I am currently attending Humber College Lakeshore for their Bachelor of Creative Advertising Degree.

What are your hobbies and/or interests?
-Watching movies
-Graphic design
-Hanging out with friends

What do you think is the most important HMA Core Value?
We should add a 5th Core Value because I believe HMA’s most important value is trust. I have felt HMA’s overwhelming trust in each other since my first day working here. A company with faith in each other is a company you can have faith in.

Greatest Accomplishment
I am most proud of surrounding myself with amazing people. It is because of my supportive
friends and family that I am in the position I am in today.

HMA The Benefits People - John Atkinson (Advisor)

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