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Tor's Fish & Chips


149 Mississaga St E
Orillia, ON
L3V 1V6
Cuisine: Canadian / American, Seafood
Specialities: Fish Fry
✔ Takeout
✔ Delivery

We strive for perfection, what else sets us apart? 

We make our signature Tartar sauce in house as well as Homemade soups, Homemade Caesar dressing, Homemade Greek Dressing and our world class Homemade Coleslaw which will leave you craving more.

Our Haddock and Halibut may have swam in international waters, but it's caught by Canadian fisher-people from the east coast, we take pride in supporting our friends in the maritimes, let's face it, the Maritimers know their fish!

We offer a pan fried Halibut option for those that would prefer a healthier choice.

We've brought the east coast to Orillia, hope you enjoy it as much as we do.

As we grow, so will our menu.

At this point we offer multiple daily soups, with and without Seafood so check in often as we like to switch things up.

Weekends we offer a special feature board to help us Gauge where we will take the menu.

Your feedback is extremely important to us so don't be surprised when our cooks are personally out to check on your meal, it's important that we're consistently putting out high quality meals.

If you're significant other isn't a Piscavore.. Don't worry, we've got that covered, they can enjoy themselves too!

Come give us a taste, we're confident it'll please your palate!