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Local rapper drops 'personal' EP reflecting on his music journey

PF grad Tie Bond releases Welcome to Hollywood; 'I’m definitely excited for what’s on the horizon for me,' says rapper, encouraging local youth to chase their dreams
Tie Bond
Orillia rapper Tie Bond is living the high life in Los Angeles. The 23-year old rapper aspires to one day win a Grammy Award.

Oro-Medonte rapper Tie Bond is starting to make a name for himself in Los Angeles.

The Patrick Fogarty Catholic Secondary School graduate recently released a new EP called Welcome to Hollywood on which the 23-year-old reflects on his journey in the music industry. The first of two music videos shot for the EP is titled Drippin.

“It’s more personal and about my journey,” Bond tells OrilliaMatters.

The video features photos of Bond from when he was younger, and it follows his path to living in Hollywood. The second music video from the EP is titled Cruisin.

“It’s all about the L.A. lifestyle,” Bond said.

He enjoyed the process of making the new EP and putting his life journey into words. He hopes his positive attitude and passion for music come across to his fans when they listen to his new work.

“I won’t make sad music,” he said. “I just like to have a positive outlook on life. So, if I’m down, I go make some motivating or fun music, all uplifting stuff.”

Bond got into the rap game at 15 years old. While he does work in some local shops on the West Coast as a part-time gig, music is mostly his focus.

“Music isn’t great money at the moment,” he admitted. “It is definitely a career that is in the works and I’m definitely excited for what’s on the horizon for me.”

Bond says he’s been working with people from Taylor Gang Entertainment, which was co-founded by renowned rapper Wiz Khalifa. The ultimate goal is to end up on a world tour.

“My first concert was going to Our Lady Peace when I was about 10 years old and I saw them at Toronto Massey Hall,” he explained. “That’s when I realized this is what I want to do.”

Bond has a personal goal of being on the cover of Forbes magazine and appearing in movies and television shows.

“Winning a Grammy is a big dream for me,” he added. “Music is just the catapult for me to get into other stuff as well.”

To achieve his ambitions, Bond says he will need to keep working hard and stay determined.

“I’m going to hear a lot of 'no' in this industry, but that’s OK. I’ll keep going,” he said. “I’m going to stay dedicated and achieve everything I put my mind to.”

Bond comes from a family that is driven by talent. His father, Greg, is the star of his own vlog called Trippin with Bondzee, and his brother, Brad, is also a rapper, magician and actor.

“We are a creative family,” Bond said.

Other than his family, Bond has been influenced by late Orillia musician Jake Beers and Barrie musicians Mic Lee and Michael Rodda.

“I was working with them when I first started in Orillia,” he said. “I keep in touch with most of them and they keep a lookout for me. It’s really cool,” he said.

While Bond says L.A. is where he wants to be, sometimes it’s tough being far from friends and family.

“It’s kind of hard being away,” he said. “I wasn’t there for Christmas, and I missed my mom’s birthday last year.”

It’s a sacrifice he’s willing to make in pursuit of his dreams.

Bond gives thanks to the Orillia community for all the support over the years and he hopes to give back to the community by inspiring Orillia’s youth to realize anything is possible.

“Don’t let anyone tell you anything different,” he said. “Go get that sh*t.”