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Orillia Lady Kings standouts 'giving back' through summer clinic

'I want them to understand the importance of lacrosse, being a student-athlete, and all the gates it can open in life,' says Orillia player-coach
Orillia Lady Kings star players Emma Torkoff and Kassidy Morris are running a clinic this summer for young players who are chasing their lacrosse dreams.

Two of Orillia's top field lacrosse players are giving back to the game they love by lending a hand to the next wave of talent.

Orillia Lady Kings veterans Emma Torkoff and Kassidy Morris are running a clinic every Monday evening until the end of July.

“When we were younger the older girls did this for us,” Torkoff said.

“I just want to share our expertise in the sport and spread as much knowledge as we can across Orillia,” Morris added.

During the camp, the two 18-year-olds will be running through basic skills and concepts that they have learned about the game over the years.

“I want the girls to gain a better understanding of things like shooting from different angles,” Morris said. “More importantly, I want them to understand the importance of lacrosse, being a student-athlete, and all the gates it can open in life.”  

Torkoff says the clinic gives young players a chance to receive a different coaching approach.

“Cass and I will be in the NCAA next year,” Torkoff said. “The girls will definitely learn a lot from us.”

Torkoff will be playing at the University of Albany (Division 1) next year. Morris also plays D1 at the University of Massachusetts Amherst.

“I think it’s important to be coached by girls that are older than you,” Torkoff said. “I think it’s also important to have a lot of coaches throughout your career to become coachable and learn different things.”

Players can expect to learn a variety of different skills from Torkoff who is a midfielder, and Morris who is an attacker.

“We play all over the field,” Torkoff said. “We will cover defence, attack, transition, midfield, essentially every part of the game.”

The player-coaches hope to inspire younger players and help them get closer to achieving their goals.

“We are giving back to the Orillia Lady Kings who gave us a foundation of lacrosse,” Torkoff said. “I hope giving back is a continuing cycle as we move out.”

Each session costs $90 plus tax and Orillia Lady Kings players have been emailed information about the clinics.

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