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LETTER: Citizen 'floored' by generosity of local contractor

Man donates his expertise to local senior in need, which is a reminder that 'there are good people in this world,' says letter writer
2021-03-19 Letter to the editor
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OrilliaMatters welcomes letters to the editor at This letter is meant to shed some light on a good deed.

My wife volunteers with an Orillia seniors' outreach program and has a socially distanced visit with a local senior each week. 

The senior was looking to have the flooring replaced in a small room in her very modest home. Unfortunately, the contractor who agreed to do the job was a “no show.” Coincidentally, we were having a larger flooring job done at our home and I asked our contractor, Scott Enright of Wall-to-Wall Flooring, if he could take on this small job and to give this senior, who is on a fixed income, a reasonable price. 

Scott did this small job very promptly and I later learned from my wife that Scott did not charge the senior for his time (she already had the flooring). I was blown away by this gesture of kindness and when I asked Scott why he didn’t charge her - he said that she really reminded him of his grandmother. 

I wanted to recognize Scott’s very generous gesture and it reminds me that there is good news and there are good people in this world.

Doug Varty