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LETTER: Electric bikes 'do not belong' on Orillia trails

Reader expresses concerns following hit-and-run involving e-bike that landed a local woman in the hospital with a shattered leg, other injuries
USED 2019-08-04 GM12
Dave Dawson/OrilliaMatters File Photo

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Earlier this week, a woman was hit by an electric bike on the walking trail that goes through Tudhope Park. This was a hit-and-run and the driver left the victim laying on the walking path with a shattered leg.

A nearby witness called an ambulance which took the woman to the Orillia hospital. Her leg required reconstruction, involving a six-hour operation. She has had blood transfusions, has been on oxygen and now is totally immobile in a hospital bed.

This is a shared trail for walking and biking and battery-powered bikes should never have been allowed. These electric bikes can travel at great speeds and my experience has been that they are fast, silent and provide no warning when approaching other trail users.

This recent accident should clearly show that electric bikes do not belong on trails that should be safe for all. It may not have been the first accident and certainly will not be the last if something is not done to make the walking trails safe.

It is my hope that others will speak up and help to make change happen.

Please make our trails safe.

Melanie Tuck,