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LETTER: MP says claim about Scheer 'has no basis in truth'

Stanton, in response to letter to the editor, says his party 'will confront and condemn racism and bigotry wherever it may arise'
stanton 2018
Simcoe North MP Bruce Stanton defends his leader after recent letter to the editor. Dave Dawson/OrilliaMatters

OrilliaMatters received the following letter from Simcoe North MP Bruce Stanton in response to the April 13 letter to the editor, Citizens call on Stanton to call out his leader.'
I appreciate the opportunity to respond to Cerrisse and Don Brundage about comments they attribute to Opposition Leader Andrew Scheer and members of my caucus.

Let me say at the outset, the characterization of our party pandering to people and groups who espouse hate, intolerance and bigotry has no basis in truth.

Last Wednesday, April 10, in Question Period, the prime minister asked: “When will the Conservative leader finally denounce white supremacists by name, and will he denounce comments from a member of his own caucus?”

Mr. Scheer’s response was unwavering and clear. “They (Liberal MP’s) know that I have always 100% denounced white supremacy and racism and anyone who promotes those hateful ideologies.”

Our party will confront and condemn racism and bigotry wherever it may arise.

We will continue to advance a compassionate, orderly and fair immigration system and always promote programs and measures to strengthen the integration of newcomers and reinforce the qualities and freedoms that unite us across Canadian society.

If they or your readers have any concerns about mine or my party’s position on this or any other federal subject, I welcome them to contact me at

Bruce Stanton
Simcoe North MP