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LETTER: People of Simcoe North deserve better: Resident

Letter writer chides Stanton's 'less than convincing' track record as MP
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OrilliaMatters received the following letter from Gerry Hawes in response to the Jan. 1, 2019 story, Stanton vows to vie for fifth term in 2019.


The article by Dave Dawson about the Conservative incumbent’s intention to seek a fifth term of office was wide ranging. However, once you set aside the MP’s platitudes about public service and his partisan booster-ism, he is saying, essentially, that he should be re-elected because be really likes being a member of Parliament.

That’s not good enough.

Although he does cite his track record as a reason for re-electing him, his argument is less than convincing. Sure, there was an investment in the Trent-Severn Waterway, but investments were made in ridings all along the system, and by the Liberal government. Claiming this as his achievement as MP is a stretch, to put it mildly.

Pointing out the everyday casework that all MPs conduct on behalf of their constituents, with budgets and staff provided by the House of Commons, as a reason to re-elect him, also fails to impress.

That’s a core, everyday responsibility of an MP, not an achievement. It speaks volumes that this experienced, four-term MP cannot demonstrate even one signature achievement on behalf of the people of Simcoe North.

Regarding party policy, again the Conservative incumbent makes a weak argument for re-election. His party’s climate change policy is incoherent and feeble.

The Conservatives are priming for a divisive culture war on immigration. And, as always when it comes to fiscal order, the Conservative rhetoric is strong, but the record is weak.

To top it off, the incumbent MP has a long history of soft-peddling retrograde policies not supported by the majority of his constituents, but voting for them lock, stock, and barrel in the House of Commons. The people of Simcoe North deserve better.

I do agree with the incumbent MP on one point though. His bid for a fifth term will not be easy.

Gerry Hawes