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Purchase of pipeline a game-changer, reader says

What will government ownership mean to those who object to the pipeline?
pipeline (2)
Kinder Morgan's pipeline was purchased by the feds this week.

OrilliaMatters received the following letter from Konrad Brenner in response to the federal government's decision this week to spend $4.5 billion to purchase the Kinder Morgan pipeline.

The federal government has decided to purchase the Kinder Morgan oil pipeline and build it under a crown corporation. This writer agrees with the construction of the pipeline as it is better to move oil by pipeline than in railway cars. The purchase amounts to expenditure and time will tell if it was a good investment.

The interesting question is: What will government ownership do to the form and mood of the objectors? Up until now, the protesters were fighting a large, private, foreign oil company. However, after the purchase, the protestors will be fighting the Canadian public, i.e. you and me and our income tax money.

Konrad Brenner