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Angus Roy is walking away from the Barrie Baycats as a champion

'I’m now going to let my life revolve around my family, not have my family revolve around my life,' said Roy, one of the team's most successful pitchers and managers

After 17 stunningly successful years, Barrie Baycats manager Angus Roy has informed the team he will not be returning to helm the team next year.

Roy joined the Baycats in 2002; he was one of the league's top pitchers until 2007. Despite being signed by the Boston Red Sox during that time, he returned to dominate the Intercounty Baseball League as IBL Pitcher of the year in 2005 and 2006.

Roy was the winning pitcher in Game 6 of the Baycats' first championship in 2005, going all nine innings. His many achievements include being an eight-time all-star and leading the Baycats to six straight IBL championships.

But Roy said nothing on the field will ever match the stuff away from the park.

“I’ve always said, and I mean it, the personal relationships I’ve made through this organization far outweigh the game stuff,” said Roy. “The guys getting married, having kids and building their careers has been great. We started as young single guys. Now we have families who treat each other like family.”

“Not once did winning the seventh in a row make me even consider coming back. That stuff is far secondary to family and friends.”

Voted as one of the "Top 100 IBL Players All time", Roy became the Baycats on-field manager in 2007 and was named Manager of the Year that same year, earning the honour again in 2017.

Roy added to his responsibilities by taking on the role of General Manager in 2014 and was voted Executive of Year that same season. As manager, he took the Baycats to the IBL finals in 10 of the past 11 seasons.

Roy said he felt like he was done at the end of this past season, but spoke to his family about it. He confirmed his departure to Baycats owner David Mills and thanked him for all he and the team had done for him.

“Mills is the best. He and the team take care of everyone so well it is why you want to play here and why it is hard to leave,” said Roy. “I do not see myself coming back in this role in the foreseeable future, but I also won’t completely abandon the team. If they need someone to give advice or need some kind of help here and there, I would probably help out. But it is time to be with my family.”

The opportunity for more time with his family made the decision easy for Roy. With three kids and a wife that he wants to spend more summers with, Roy knew what they had sacrificed while he lived his dream.

“If my son wants to shoot hoops, I’m there,” said Roy. “If my daughters want to go swimming, I’ll now be there. If my wife wants us to go out to a gathering or spend quality time together, I’m there. I have missed a lot of events and family moments while they supported me.”

“I’m now going to let my life revolve around my family, not have my family revolve around my life.”

Roy believes the team will be fine, despite the absence of himself, Glenn Jackson and Kyle DeGrace.

“It was going to turn over eventually,” said Roy. “The Baycats are still a great team and management is committed to winning, so they will do right by the fans and the team.”

Mills told BarrieToday he is very thankful that his former manager gave the Baycats lots of time to look at options.

“Angus has been a class act the entire time we have had him here,” said Mills. “This is totally understandable as a young man gets older and his responsibilities change. He let me know a little while ago and we’ve chatted all along this process.”

“We will take our time and view our options. We’ll see if any current players would like to step into the role or if we look elsewhere," said Mills. "We’ll also review if we’ll keep the manager and general manger jobs together or separate them.”

Mills also told BarrieToday he isn’t concerned about the drive for a seventh consecutive championship and eighth in franchise history.

“We feel that the majority of the guys will be back after this and we will keep focused on that seventh straight title.”