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Check out which local government employees made more than $100,000 in 2017

Hundreds of local employees on 2017 Sunshine List which includes municipal workers, hospital/health-care staff, school board employees and post-secondary education officials

In 2017,approximately 131,740 government employees in Ontario earned more than $100,000 – about 8,000 more than made the so-called Sunshine List the previous year.

Agencies that receive public funding from the province are mandated to disclose the names, positions and salaries of all employees that are paid $100,000 or more in a calendar year. That applies to municipalities, school boards, hospitals, universities, colleges, some charities and the province’s public service.

It’s been dubbed the Sunshine List because it’s meant to shine light on how tax dollars are being spent when it comes to salaries.

"Let me just say that we are committed to transparency,” Premier Kathleen Wynne told a news conference Friday when the list was unveiled. “We think the people in the province have a right to know what folks are earning.”

Wynne earned $208,974 last year, while Ontario Progressive Conservative leader Patrick Brown, who lost his job two months ago and also served as Simcoe North’s MPP, made $180,885 and NDP leader Andrea Horwath was paid $158,157.

Locally, there were many names on this year’s Sunshine List.

There were 49 City of Orillia employees that made more than $100,000. Wesley Cyr, manager of engineering and transportation, barely makes the list, at $100,377 and the same goes for Ian Bromley, who, despite parting ways with the city as its director of economic development several months ago, still made $101,507. Here are the top 10 earners at city hall: CAO Gayle Jackson ($182,660), Fire Captain Matt Hinds ($153,978), Fire Captain Glenn Higgins ($149,436), Fire Captain Tim Laine ($148,643), Director of Parks Recreation and Culture Ray Merkley ($146,993), Director of Development Services and Engineer Ian Sugden ($144,714), Director of Environmental Services and Operations Andrew Schell ($144,652), Chief Fire Prevention Officer Paul Barritt ($142,153), Fire Chief Ralph Dominelli ($140,396) and Fire Captain Chris Ferry ($139,804)

Ten made the list in Oro-Medonte Township: CAO Robin Dunn ($167,530), Director Development Services Andria Leigh ($136,590), Director Operations and Community Services Shawn Binns ($129,256), Director Fire and Emergency Services Hugh Murray ($128,357), Director Corporate Services Donna Hewitt ($118,672), Manager, Operations Lisa Mcniven ($111,429), Manager, Planning Services Derek Witlib ($109,560), Manager, Development Engineering Dave Saunders ($109,200), Manager Human Resources/Health and Safety Tamara Obee ($108,112) and Manager Environmental Services Fred Macgregor ($100,570)

Just two made more than $100,000 in Severn Township: CAO Henry Sander ($137,291) and Director of Corporate Services/Treasurer Andrew Plunkett ($121,976).

In Ramara Township, eight made the 2017 Sunshine list: CAO Janice Mckinnon ($145,507), Manager of Fire and Rescue Services/Fire Chief David McCarthy ($116,494), Manager of Building/Planning Services/Chief Building Official David Wellman ($115,292), Manager of Municipal Works Kathy Sipos ($115,192), Manager of Legislative Services Jennifer Connor ($110,324), Manager of Financial Services/Treasurer Carol James ($109,898), Deputy Fire Chief Anthony Stong ($106,827) and Manager Environmental Services David Readman ($103,224).

At Orillia Soldiers’ Memorial Hospital, there were 57 employees who made more than $100,000 in 2017. At the top of the list is CEO Pat Campbell at 270,071, followed by Chief of Staff – Vice President Medical Affairs Nancy Merrow at $254, 805. The rest of the top 10 includes: Executive Vice President – Corporate Services and CFO Doug Murray ($179, 627), Vice-President of Regional Patient Programs Cheryl Harrison ($149,126), Program Director Local Patient Programs and Chief Nursing Executive Kari Simpson-Adams ($137,855), Senior Director Human Resources/Chief Human Resources Executive Chris Cecchini ($128, 583), Program Director Philip Hough ($124, 036), Regional Director North Simcoe LHIN/Ontario Renal Network Marni Van Kessel ($124,036), Director, Finance and Decision Support Susan Anderson ($122,544) and Director, Performance Excellence Jeff Kerk ($121,961).

Thirty-four employees broke the $100,000 barrier at the Simcoe Muskoka District Health Unit. The top 10 earnings at the regional organization are: Medical Officer of Health/CEO Charles Gardner ($283,566), Associate Medical Officer of Health Colin Lee ($216,066), Associate Medical Officer of Health Lisa Simon ($213,076), Director Community and Family Health Carolyn Shoreman ($143,159), Director Human Resources, IT/Infrastructure Bruce Parker ($143,159), Director Program Foundations and Finance Sandra Horney ($143,159), Director Clinical Services Colleen Nisbet ($143,159), Director, Environmental Health Steven Rebellato ($143,159), Dentist Ralph West ($139,562) and Registered Nurse Deloris Simcoe ($134,632).

More than 625 educators and officials made above $100,000 while working at either the Simcoe Muskoka Catholic District School Board (SMCDSB) or the Simcoe County District School Board (SCDSB) in 2017. The top10 earners are: SMCDSB Director of Education Brian Beal ($212,653), followed by SMCDSB’s Associate Director of Education (Business and Finance) Peter Derochie ($192,765), SMCDSB Superintendent of Education Jane Dillon-Leitch ($176,202), SCDSB Director of Education Stephen Blake ($171, 096), SCDSB Associate Director John Dance ($170,122), SMCDSB Controller of Plant Glenn Clarke ($168,162), SMCDSB Superintendent of Human Resources Darren Schmidt ($167, 088), SCDSB Superintendent of Education Anita Simpson ($164,216), SCDSB Superintendent, Business and Facility Services Brian Jeffs ($162,831) and SMCDSB Senior Psychologist Susan Graham-Clay ($155,545)

Across the various campuses of Georgian College, 111 employees earned $100,000 or more. The top 10 earners are: President and Chief Executive Marylyn West-Moynes ($279,067) Vice-President Angela Lockridge ($218,664), Vice-President Maryann Fifeld ($206,442), Vice-President Lisa Banks ($193,834), Vice-President Kevin Weaver ($192,873), Dean Fay Lim-Lambie ($181,781), Executive Director John Pickard (177,703), Dean Jason Galea ($171, 781), Dean Bill Angelakos ($164,812) and Associate Dean Barb Watts ($161,212).

There were 334 Lakehead University employees who made above $100,000. However, they were not broken down to show if they worked at the Orillia campus or at Thunder Bay. The top earner was Lakehead President and Vice-Chancellor Brian Stevenson, who made $360,041 in 2017.

The entire list is public. Check it out here: