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City puts out SOS for lifeguards, offers paid training

City is looking for applicants that have flexible availability, including daytime, evening and weekend hours
Lifeguard Recruitment 2021
The City of Orillia is seeking lifeguards and instructors for fall 2021 and is providing opportunities for paid training during certification. More information is available at

The City of Orillia is hiring Lifeguard/Swim Instructors for the Orillia Recreation Centre for fall 2021 and is offering the opportunity for individuals 16 years and up to be paid while training to become certified lifeguards.

“There is a shortage of lifeguards and swim instructors worldwide and COVID-19 has made the shortage more acute," said Mayor Steve Clarke.

"As we prepare for a future where COVID-19 is more manageable and predictable, and we have full use of municipal facilities, we will need more lifeguards in Orillia," said Clarke. "Our lifeguards provide a vital service to our community and we look forward to identifying prime candidates and paying them while they train for their certification.” 

The City is looking for applicants that have flexible availability, including daytime, evening and weekend hours. Interested applicants can submit an application online at by July 30, 2021, and will receive an interview.

Preferred candidates will move onto the try-out portion, which consists on an hour-long tryout. Tryouts will be scheduled on July 29 or Aug. 3, 2021 dependent on your interview date. For successful applicants, paid certification training will take place from Aug. 9 to Sept. 3, 2021, Monday through Friday from 9 6 p.m.

Upon successful completion of the training program, participants will be offered a contract for a Lifeguard/Instructor position with the City of Orillia at a starting wage of $17.26 per hour.

“Being a lifeguard is such a rewarding career and offers a dynamic work environment. Get certified for a job you’ll love and be paid while you train! To start, all you need is a love for the water and the ability to swim; everything else we will teach you during the paid training,” said Christine Wareing, Aquatics and Fitness Supervisor.

For more information visit or contact Christine Wareing at 705-330-6746 or email