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Company to foot bill after its excavator 'collapsed' Ramara road

'The wet weather and weight just didn’t mix,' said Ramara official; Company agrees to make repairs 'with zero cost to the township'

An excavator that shouldn’t have been on Ramara Sideroad 5/6 has damaged the road and led to it being closed since Friday.

The excavator being used by B-Town Group, which operates quarries in the township, is expected to be removed Thursday, said company co-owner Bill Sisson. Recent rainfall has delayed the removal and B-Town Group will lay mud mats to help get it out and minimize further damage to the road.

The Township of Ramara noted Sideroad 5/6 is a “no trucks” road.

“This excavator would require an oversized load permit under the Highway Traffic Act,” the township said in an email.

“They are in contravention of the Highway Traffic Act and the No Trucks bylaw.”

Township CAO John Pinsent said the shoulders of the road for about 100 metres “basically collapsed.”

“The wet weather and weight just didn’t mix,” he said.

Sisson acknowledged the excavator “shouldn’t have been (on the road).”

“We’re mitigating it,” he said, adding his company will pay for all necessary repairs “with zero cost to the township” and taxpayers.

Sisson added his company prides itself on being “a good steward of the community” and that an incident like Friday’s won’t happen again.

The company will not be fined, Pinsent said, adding, before being “heavy handed,” he wants to meet with quarry operators to clarify the rules.

“We understand that quarries are running a business which requires them to move heavy equipment around the township. We will work with quarry operators to ensure that everyone understands which roads are used for heavy equipment and the process to move equipment on non-haul routes,” he said.

“This will ensure that our road network can be used and enjoyed safely by residents, visitors and our quarry operators. We have been assured by the owner/operators that full repairs will be made to the road in the near future," Pinsent said.

A man who lives near Sideroad 5/6 said residents in the area have complained in the past about large vehicles being on the road and “are concerned that nothing’s being done.”

“I’m not against quarries,” said the resident, who didn’t want his name used. “We just want them to be held accountable.”

The township acknowledged it has received “several complaints and advised the company that they are not to be running excavators on township roads.”

“This is the first time we had proof that they were in contravention of the Highway Traffic Act and No Trucks bylaw.”

Nathan Taylor

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