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Conservancy eyes purchase and development of former Talisman property

'Strategically the proposal focuses on our core principles of conservation and sustainable development,' states Escarpment Biosphere Conservancy official
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On Friday June 11, 2021, the Escarpment Biosphere Conservancy (EBC), submitted a formal letter of intent to Grey Highlands for the former Talisman lands.

The document outlines the confidential conditions of purchase and development.  

“The wishes of the local community group Friends of the Beaver Valley played a large part in the direction of our submission,” says Executive Director of EBC Robert (Bob) Barnett. “Strategically the proposal focuses on our core principles of conservation and sustainable development.”

“We definitely have ideas of what we would like to see happen,” adds Dr. Mary Ferguson (part of the Friends of Beaver Valley coalition), “Our founding document, Principles, created in partnership with EBC, a member of our coalition, is based in large part on the hundreds of responses we have received from local residents since March of this year.”

The letter was submitted to Grey Highlands CAO Karen Govan and ThinkCOMPASS the firm that is handling the sale of the former Talisman lands for Grey Highlands. 

As outlined in the joint venture agreement between Grey Highlands and the owners of Talisman, Brian Ellis and Phil Calvanos, ThinkCOMPASS will present offers to the management committee. Once that process has taken place, the letter of intent is presented to council in closed session.

Moving forward a group comprised of professionals in the building trades and representatives from EBC and the Friends of Beaver Valley will tour the resort buildings with the owners. The Municipality of Grey Highlands owns the upper and lower portions of the 200-acre site.

The FBV is organized around four key groups of volunteers managing fundraising, coalition memberships, finance and management.   A website, fundraising campaign and an appeal for coalition supporters and volunteers are in the works.