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Council asks staff for 'made-in-Orillia' plan to deal with growth

With annexation on the table, Coun. David Campbell calls for information about 'increased intensification within our existing boundaries'
2018-06-06 Orillia City Centre
Orillia City Centre

Council members are asking staff for more information about the process of planning for future growth in the city.

Coun. David Campbell tabled an inquiry motion at this week’s council committee meeting, asking for a report on the status of the technical land evaluation that is underway.

It also calls for details about “what additional planning evaluations and studies would need to be undertaken if the city were to consider further increasing the intensification targets and minimum designated greenfield density target to provide options for council in connection with the need for a future boundary expansion as part of this municipal comprehensive review planning process.”

Campbell introduced the motion after hearing from many people in town who want to know how necessary it is to expand the city’s boundary to accommodate growth targets prescribed by the province.

“The question keeps coming up about how much of that projected growth could be potentially accommodated through increased intensification within our existing boundaries,” he said.

A staff report could answer that question, he said, and “inform council about what would be required for those potential avenues to be explored so we understand a bit better any possibilities that we may perhaps be overlooking during this process.”

Mayor Steve Clarke received support to add an amendment to Campbell’s motion, directing staff to report back on the process for “establishing made-in-Orillia planning principles that would manage the growth of our city from an environmental, cultural, economic and social perspective as part of the next update to the city’s Official Plan.”

Council committee passed the motion, and staff will report back at a later date.