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FEEDBACK: Here’s what readers had to say about the news this week

Health unit's controversial decision to cut back on the information provided about local COVID cases draws the ire of many readers
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At the bottom of all local stories on OrilliaMatters, readers have the option of submitting feedback. Here's a selection of what readers had to say about what was making news over the last week:

Ramara hires experienced new CAO to 'lead' township - Orillia News

She is the fourth person in that position in about 10 years, which is a high turnover for a stable, well-paid municipal position. — Konrad Brenner

Warming centre in Barrie dismantled by organizers following complaint - Orillia News

Unless the complainant said they'd be willing to sleep outside without any shelter, then the complaint should not be considered legitimate. The word "heartless" comes to mind.  — Craig Welbourn

Pair of downtown businesses 'delighted' to receive city grants - Orillia News

Congratulations to both stores. Certainly hope The Kitchen Store keeps the Chef out front....he makes the whole store “kitcheny”  — Shirley Musson

Health unit reports 300 new cases in region, but no longer providing municipal breakdown - Orillia News

Cutting back on information provided to the public is a slide to the slippery side of politics. — Daniel Fraser

So. We don’t know where outbreaks are or the highest numbers of cases. What a stupid idea. So, I won’t support any local business as I don’t know if there are more cases in that region. Or not. What moron came up with this idea?!  — Bill Brown

Orillia's vaccination clinic moves to former YMCA to accommodate walk-ins - Orillia News

Finally! It was brutal at the waterfront! The coldest place in Orillia. — Marilyn Brown

Top doc warns COVID numbers unreliable, priority on supporting essential services - Orillia News

People can make choices regarding vaccines, however there are consequences! Anti-vaxxers should not be able to run to a doctor or hospital when they get sick. Their choice does not allow them to prevent someone who needs heart or cancer surgery from getting what they need. They did what they were told to do and we are putting their lives at risk. These are not elective surgeries! People will die because someone decided anti-vaxxers were more important. What has happened to our society that this can happen?  — Lynn Tymczyszyn

COLUMN: It's Ottawa's fault CEOs can't keep hands out of cookie jar

No one deserves 190 times their employees’ salary. They don’t have enough time to spend it but their employees are risking their lives, are in debt and counting every penny and a single person could not support themselves on the minimum wage salary they are making. And finally the extra few dollars they were given during the first year of the pandemic have already been clawed back. Greed knows no bounds. — Tova Greenberg