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It was raining fun at today's Barrie Pride Parade (13 photos)

More than 1,000 people lined sixth annual Barrie Pride parade; 'All I kept thinking was I can't believe we're doing this in Barrie,' said official

The sun came out just in time for the 2019 Barrie Pride Parade to do its stroll through the downtown, allowing Pride-revellers to have some fun.

It is estimated more than 1,000 people lined the streets and walked in this year’s Barrie Pride Parade to show their support for the local LGBTQ2 community.

Floats blaring celebratory music carrying parade-goers waving rainbow flags travelled the route from the Barrie Public Library parking lot on Worsley Street down Mulcaster Street, across Simcoe Street and up Bayfield to Clapperton Street back to the library.

This was the first Pride parade to cross the new Rainbow crosswalk - something that brought a smile to the face of Barrie Pride president David Bradbury.

“All I kept thinking was I can’t believe we’re doing this in Barrie. So much has changed in our city and at times there are no words,” said Bradbury.

“I still go down to the crosswalk everyday just to cross over it so as to never take advantage that it is there," said Bradbury. "As our float went over it, it was surreal and amazing.”

This is the sixth year for Pride celebrations in the city and one of the biggest to date as far as attendance.

Alison Mozes came with her family and sought out a spot by the Rainbow crosswalk.

Mozes said she and her husband wanted to make sure their children saw the acceptance of the community.

“We just wanted to support Pride and we’re so grateful that our community has this,” said Mozes. "This is a fantastic crowd and the parade was such a joy to watch. It was a positive atmosphere and the smiling was infectious.”

Shawn Gibson

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Shawn Gibson is a staff writer based in Barrie
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