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LETTER: Provincial government decisions not likely to increase safety or peace

Decision to cut social spending and cancel basic income project at odds with spending money to combat gun violence
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OrilliaMatters received the following letter from Konrad Brenner in response to recent decisions by the provincial government.


The provincial government recently announced a multi-million-dollar contribution to the police budgets for additional resources to fight gun violence.

A few days earlier the government announced the cancellation of the study on guaranteed income and a social welfare increase well below the rate of inflation.

The first action may reduce gun violence but it will also encourage criminals to out-gun and out-smart the police. The second action will increase poverty as it reduces the welfare recipients’ purchasing power.

The two government actions will have the opposite impact on safety as gun violence is closely related to poverty. Hence there is a distinct possibility that the overall effect of these two actions will not increase safety or peace in Ontario.

Konrad Brenner