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Lions Oval students kick off weekend with classic car show

'Doing field trips right now is a little bit challenging, so this is a perfect opportunity to bring field trips to the school,' says principal

With opportunities for field trips proving to be scarce through the pandemic, a local elementary school decided to bring a field trip to its front doors.

Lions Oval Public School kindergarten teacher Julie Grigg Mori used a family connection to bring a fleet of classic cars and trucks to the school yard for her students Friday afternoon.

Students had the chance to take a break from their studies and check out the vehicles for the final hour of school.

“My cousins all have these hot rods that they build themselves, so I asked if they would mind coming to the school to show them,” Grigg Mori said. “He’s got about five or six other buddies that are coming to show their cars for the hour for the kids. Originally, it was a kindergarten project, and now it’s opened up to the whole school.”

Kindergarteners, their reading buddies, and other students flooded the school yard to see the vehicles.

“Our kids are so excited,” Grigg Mori said. “They were really excited to see them as they were driving up Patrick Street — all the kids were on the fence (watching) the cars as they were coming around.”

The students agreed.

“They’re pretty cool. They’re colourful,” said Grade 6 student Joe Duff. “I saw them come in, and I actually recognize the blue one because my grandpa has one just like it.”

“It’s good to see them. (I’m) amazed on how the cars look,” said Grade 7 student Sam Cluff. “(My reading buddies) told me that they’re really cool, and they would like to have them.”

Principal Alexa Barrie said organizing field trips has been a challenge during the pandemic, so Lions Oval jumped on the opportunity to bring a car show to the school.

“During COVID, doing field trips right now is a little bit challenging, so this is a perfect opportunity to bring field trips to the school,” she said.

“Kindergarten is based on inquiry, which (means) the programming is led by student interest. Some students had displayed an interest in cars and hot rods … so Mrs. Grigg Mori took this as an opportunity to bring in her connection with hot rods into the school.”

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