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Local hikers beat the heat with early-morning adventures

The Orillia section of the Ganaraska Hiking Club invites people to join their hikes and explore the great outdoors in the area
ganaraska hiking club july 26
Members of the Ganaraska Hiking Club are shown along a stretch of the Simcoe County Forest near Bass Lake Side Road. Note the waist-high wildflowers. Contributed photo

The Ganaraska Hiking Club Orillia Section has been hiking throughout this season of COVID-19 - first alone, then in pairs, then in groups of five, and now in groups of 10.

Recently, with the onset of soaring temperatures and high humidity, the group switched to early morning, shorter hikes to accommodate the heat.  

What has been fun was getting to see the season unfold in more detail than usual as not so many competing activities means more hiking. Now the wildflowers are waist high. 

Anyone wishing more information can contact the Orillia section through the website: