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Local man pens poem about area's beauty, serenity

Couchiching Hum celebrates the miracle of the lake's consistency and the welcome return of the late spring sun
clam placid lake cooch
The calm and serenity of Lake Couhiching inspired local poet R. Peter Weedon to write about The Couchiching Hum. Leslie Fournier photo

The following poem was submitted by Orillia's R. Peter Weedon. It's titled 'Couchiching Hum'

Late spring sun has finally arrived

And brought new green growth

To adorn my canopies and property margins

The Lake has calmed itself now

The ice is gone and the water temperature is rising,

Submitting no longer to winds from the west

From the Big Lakes afar

Sitting from my lakeside deck I see peaceful water

I hear quiet chatter, I sense light air

I notice a male laugh and a female giggle, in response.

Way off on No. 11 the highway drone never ends

City noises infrequent my dominion

With first responder noises which fade.

The odd dog bark punctures my quiet

But not for too long as owner is quick to quell.

A power boat seeks to impress with engine strong

Just for a while with dissipation soon.

But the miracle is the consistency

The mourning dove calling way off

The quiet chatter of birds whose genus no one knows

The integration of all the Lake sounds

It pleases me, that

Couchiching hum.

R. Peter Weedon