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Local students taking High School Musical to a new level (7 photos)

Patrick Fogarty presenting High School Music-pocalypse next week; 'It's a lot of fun for everybody,' says show's stage manager

Patrick Fogarty Catholic Secondary School students are taking a popular teen musical to the next level.

Called High School Musi-pocalypse, the High School Musical parody takes centre stage at the school next week.

“It takes that story and makes it fun,” said the play’s director Tina Osburn, who teaches drama at the secondary school.

“The kids like it and are familiar with the story and familiar with the characters, so they’re having fun with it.”

Students were busy Sunday running through their lines with a formal dress rehearsal planned for next week.

According to Osburn, the Don Zolidis-penned play features plenty of laughs and a few songs thrown in for good measure as it takes another look at the hit movie series that focuses on cliques and other issues affecting high school students.

Besides a cast and crew of 40 students, Osburn and three other teachers are involved in the production as well as a trio that provides musical accompaniement for songs such as Stick with the Status Quo, Start of Something New and We’re All in This Together.

The school normally presents a major production every second year. And while it presented the large-scale Sister Act last year, students were keen to perform again this year and Osburn said the smaller-scale, one act High School Musi-pocalypse fits the bill perfectly.

Oliver Fisher plays the part of the narrator.

“I like how the different acting styles come together in the play,” the Grade 10 student said, noting he really likes acting and was in his elementary school productions of Honk Jr. and The Little Mermaid.

“We’re encouraging each other and there’s a real team atmosphere.”

Grade 11 student Bethany Little, who plays a lawyer, agreed: “It brings all of us together and we get to make new friends. I like that I get to act and it opens my personality up. I didn’t realize how goofy I could be.”

Stage manager Ava-Charlotte Buckle said everyone should enjoy the play because of the comic dialogue and performances.

“It doesn’t make any sense sometimes, but it often works,” the Grade 11 student said. “It’s a lot of fun for everybody.”

Teacher Lisa Emons agreed. “It’s quirky funny. There are a lot of really good lines and I think people will leave feeling good,” said Emons.

According to, the story centres around how after hunky star basketball player Cory and gorgeous smart girl Alejandra are chosen to star in Miss Farkus' winter musical, a lawyer notices the story seems very similar to a certain popular film.

However, a potential lawsuit turns out to be relatively minor issue for the cast since money’s running out and the depressing script isn’t likely to generate sales.

“Luckily, an Ancient Mayan exchange student has written a blockbuster musical disaster - and it's guaranteed to be the most volcanic, destructive, and lucrative musical any high school has ever seen.”

The Patrick Fogarty production runs next April 25 and 26, with the curtain rising at 7 p.m. Tickets, available at the school or by calling 705-325-9372, are $10 for adults and $5 for students and seniors.