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Looking for a job in Orillia? Now's the time to apply

'We have lots of jobs in the market,' says team leader at Agilec employment services in Orillia

Think there aren’t any jobs available in Orillia? Tell that to Debbie Stangolis.

“We have lots of jobs in the market,” said the project co-ordinator and team leader at Agilec employment services. “In the spring season, we see a lot of opportunities open up.”

Nearly 80 per cent of those who have used Agilec’s free services this month have found employment.

“There are definitely opportunities out there. You just need to keep an open mind,” Stangolis said. “They can find a position that will match their skill set and what they’re looking for.”

If anyone is looking for work in the hospitality sector, now’s the time to apply. Many hotels are looking to fill various positions now that spring is here. The same goes for other sectors that need more help during the warmer seasons.

Agilec has seen more than 50 new visitors this month. That number was 38 for all of September.

“A lot of the layoffs happened in the winter, so we’re seeing some of them come in now,” Stangolis said.

Agilec doesn’t use traditional methods. Little focus is put on external job boards. It takes a personal approach with not only job seekers, but employers, too.

“Daily, we get calls from employers looking for workers,” Stangolis said.

Those looking for work will meet with an Agilec team member, who will help determine the clients’ employment goals, work on résumés and try to find a job that’s a good fit. Agilec can also provide funding to employers to help cover the cost of training and onboarding.

“It saves the employers a lot of time and resources, too, because recruiting can be very time consuming,” Stangolis said.

To find out more about Agilec and its services, visit its website or call 705-325-9299.


Nathan Taylor

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