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OPP hands out Accolade Awards recognizing 'outstanding service'

Awards issued in 12 categories, including Community Service, Investigations, Partnerships and Team Achievement
The Ontario Provincial Police (OPP) recognized dozens of exceptional members at the annual Accolade Awards ceremony held near Orillia last week.

OPP Accolade Awards are presented each year to OPP uniform, civilian and auxiliary members who have distinguished themselves with their outstanding service. These members are nominated by their peers or supervisors, and the winners (comprised of individuals and teams) are selected by a panel of reviewers from various ranks.

The 2019 Accolade Award recipients are:

  • Officer of the Year - Detective Constable Darlene Pyke
  • Civilian of the Year - Ms. Michelyne Kelly
  • Auxiliary Member of the Year - Auxiliary Constable Billy John Cooper
  • Jim Potts Award - North East Region Provincial Liaison Team
  • Valuing & Supporting People - Ms. Susan Brooks
  • Enforcement - Sergeant Kristopher Wood
  • Investigations (Individual) - Detective Sergeant Andrew Taylor
  • Investigations (Team) - Project Blackheath
  • Innovation & Creativity - Special Constable Jeremy Dupuis
  • Dedication - Sergeant Lorne Thompson
  • Team Achievement - Project Westport
  • Community Service - Staff Sergeant Wade Beebe
  • Partnerships - Project Temora

Awards are issued in 12 categories, including Community Service, Investigations, Partnerships and Team Achievement. In cases where a winning team includes members from another law enforcement agency, those individuals are also included in the award.

The OPP has a long tradition of honouring its uniform, civilian and auxiliary members for their outstanding achievements via the Accolade Awards and other awards programs.

The full list of team award winners follows.

All winners are OPP members, except where indicated in parenthesis.

Project Blackheath – Winner, Investigations (Team): Team Members’ Names

  1. Ms. Kirstin Bodnaruk
  2. D/Insp. Tina Chalk
  3. D/S/Sgt. Sean Chatland
  4. D/Cst. Colin Coleiro
  5. Ms. Holly Constantineau
  6. D/Sgt. Luc Dumont
  7. D/Cst. Sheryl Eason
  8. S/Cst. Trevor Fairchild
  9. S/Cst. Sean Ford
  10. Mr. Matthew Fox
  11. Mr. Matt Karabetsos
  12. Ms. Alyssa Ladouceur
  13. Ms. Christine Long
  14. D/Insp. David MacDonald
  15. D/Cst. Rasa Malinauskas
  16. Supt. Carole Matthews
  17. Cst. Paul McCloskey
  18. Mr. Scott Montgomery
  19. Cst. Minh Nguyen (RCMP)
  20. Ms. Inessa Pesenko
  21. D/Sgt. Krista Potter
  22. D/Cst. Russ Rogan
  23. Sgt. Mark Sanders
  24. D/Cst. Ken Sexton
  25. Mr. Fraser Sinclair
  26. Mr. Dan Smethurst
  27. D/Sgt. Jeremy Spence
  28. Ms. Melissa Spierenburg
  29. D/Cst. Steven Su
  30. D/Sgt. Anne Thomson
  31. D/Insp. Matt Watson
  32. Ms. Jessica Wild
  33. Sgt. Kelly Withrow
  34. Mr. Kevin Witlox

North East Region Provincial Liaison Team – Winner, Jim Potts Award: Team Members’ Names

  1. Cst. James Butler
  2. Cst. Marilyn Cameron
  3. Cst. Christine Columbus
  4. Cst. Andrew Dubbin
  5. Cst. Francis Endanawas
  6. Cst. Nicole Haueisen
  7. Cst. Amanda Huff
  8. Sgt. Gilles Lachance
  9. Cst. Renee Lalonde
  10. Cst. Miles Loach
  11. Cst. Pete McKee
  12. Cst. Brooke McRoberts
  13. Cst. Theresa Meyer
  14. Cst. Daniel Senf
  15. Cst. Todd Showan
  16. Cst. Natalie Strang
  17. Sgt. Michelle Warth
  18. Cst. Chris Wesley 

Project Temora – Winner, Partnerships Award: Team Members’ Names

  1. Mr. Mohammed Al-Shalchi (Canada Border Services Agency)
  2. S/Sgt. Tracey Bednarczyk
  3. D/Cst. Kevin Buttigieg
  4. Cst. Jacqueline Chavez
  5. Ms. Amie Doucet (Canada Border Services Agency)
  6. D/Cst. Justin Ford (Barrie Police Service)
  7. D/Cst. Max Gomez 8. D/Insp. Martin Graham
  8. D/Cst. Ashley Hogg
  9. S/Cst. Loren Horan
  10. D/Cst. Michelle Jansen (Barrie Police Service)
  11. S/Cst. Kelly Kavanagh (Barrie Police Service)
  12. Ms. Natasha Moodley (Canada Border Services Agency)
  13. Cst. Kyle Peloso
  14. Insp. Mary Shannon
  15. D/Cst. Sherri Span
  16. D/Cst. Vicki Thisdelle (Barrie Police Service)
  17. D/Cst. Lindsay White (Barrie Police Service)
  18. D/Cst. Scott Wilson
  19. D/Cst. Jeff Wright (Barrie Police Service)

Project Westport – Winner, Team Achievement Award: Team Members’ Names

  1. D/Cst. Debbie L. Asselstine
  2. D/Cst. Kirsten E. Audet
  3. D/Cst. Jeffrey Brazeau
  4. D/Cst. Peter Corbett (retired)
  5. D/Cst. Dan Fedele
  6. Sgt. Pamela Green (Halifax Regional Police)
  7. D/Cst. Ron Heinemann
  8. D/S/Sgt. N. Scott Johnston
  9. D/Cst. George Klonowski (retired)
  10. D/Sgt. Jeff Lindsay 11. D/Cst. Linden Maxius
  11. D/Sgt. Melanie Mezzatesta
  12. D/Insp. Daniel Nadeau
  13. Insp. Baldo Nuccio
  14. D/Cst. Dan Roy 16. D/Cst. Amy Smirnov