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Painting has been 'therapy for my soul,' says Steel Spirit artist

Margaux Pyke discovered the therapeutic benefits of painting while in her 50s; She's one of the artists featured in The Steel Spirit

The Steel Spirit is a gallery of art submissions and stories from members of the military, first responders and hospital practitioners (serving or retired). Due to the pandemic, the Steel Spirit has transitioned to a digital space so that artists can continue to share their works and stories with the community. Each month, we will feature a profile on one of the artists. Today, we turn the spotlight on Margaux Pyke.

Something of a late bloomer, Margaux Pyke discovered the therapeutic benefits of painting in her 50’s as a means of offsetting the high-stress environment of her job as a psychiatric nurse. It’s been a love affair ever since.

She has experimented with several different mediums, but the majority of her work is acrylic on canvas.

“As it has been for everyone, the past six months have been particularly stressful," said Pyke. "It’s been an ongoing challenge to consolidate my drive to be present where I’m needed most, and the innate need to protect my family.

"Painting has been therapy for my soul. It takes me away from my day to day stressors and allows me to quiet my mind," she said. 

In her abstract “Fault Line” series, she seeks to express the vulnerability of the human psyche, which can, from time to time, experience “faults in its foundation.” The series is a visual representation of these faults and encourages us to see the beauty within them.

Title: Shimmering Fault Line

In the words of Pyke: This multi-medium painting on canvas is representative of how I view my role as a psychiatric nurse. Pretty much everyone will suffer difficult challenges from time to time.

For some these challenges can become overwhelming, leading to emotional distress, and in some cases, serious mental health issues... cracks in one's foundation per se. My role as a nurse is to heal their cracks and help them see the Shimmering Fault Line within.

The Steel Spirit is always looking for new and emerging artists with and without experience, from every background and every age. For more information or if you would like to be involved, please visit: