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Perilous ice conditions around school a problem: Parent

'Today, no one can get through,' says parent, forced to walk on busy road to get kids to school
slippery sidewalk
The sidewalk on Westmount Drive, near Harriett Todd Public School is more of a skating trail these days. Contributed photo

Earlier this week, a stretch of sidewalk on Westmount Drive, like so many others in the city, was a puddle.

Today, it's more of an ice rink than a sidewalk.

It's what happens when the temperature rises rapidly and plummets just as quick; when it rains in the afternoon, turns to sleet in the evening and becomes snow. And then does the same thing, in reverse, the next day.

And that's a problem for parents trying to shepherd their young children to Harriett Todd Public School. Many parents use that stretch of Westmount to ferry their kids to the well-used walkway to the elementary school.

"The other day it was a big puddle," said a mother of two young kids. "Today, no one can get through that part of the sidewalk."

Because of the ice and slippery conditions, she had to push her stroller and walk with her children on the busy road after she found the sidewalk was not navigable.

Many streets and walkways around the city are similar.

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And, be careful when you're out walking!


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