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Senior-specific Orillia Transit fares could be on horizon

Staff to investigate feasibility of rates for seniors; 'It’s a really interesting initiative,' councillor says in supporting mayor's request for a report
USED orillia transit buses in front of opera house
Dave Dawson/OrilliaMatters file photo

The city is looking into the possibility of introducing transit fares specifically for seniors.

During Monday’s council committee meeting, Mayor Steve Clarke introduced a motion to have staff investigate the matter.

Clarke said he had received a number of requests for senior-specific Orillia Transit rates.

“Many seniors in our community are fortunate enough to have a good or great financial wherewithal, but I would suggest that many do not, including some of our senior transit users,” he said.

“As baby boomers continue to age and add to the senior demographic, it would seem to be great if we could convince as many of them as possible to add use and vibrancy to our transit system.”

He acknowledged providing a lower rate for seniors would likely result in an increase in the tax levy or in fares for other riders.

“I think it’s important that, if we are going to consider it, staff bring back a report to council so we can better understand what that consideration might mean for a senior fare,” Clarke said.

Coun. Jay Fallis voiced his support for the motion.

“It’s a really interesting initiative because it covers two major issues — not only affordability within the city but also environmentalism in terms of encouraging seniors to use transit,” he said.

Council committee supported Clarke’s motion, and staff will report back at a later date.