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Uber Eats is now on the local menu after expanding into Orillia

'We are thrilled to have Uber Eats come to Orillia and that we are going to be a part of it,' said Joe Winacott of Studabakers, one of more than 40 local restaurant options
Studabkers Beachside Restaurant owner Joe Winacott and general manager Jenn Harvey, are happy that Uber Eats has expanded into Orillia. Tyler Evans/OrilliaMatters File Photo

From Vancouver to Toronto, Calgary to Winnipeg and now Orillia - Uber Eats lets restaurants connect with new and hungry audiences, and a network of local delivery people. Uber Eats is available in over 120 cities across the country, expanding rapidly as more Canadians turn to delivery. 

With dine-in prohibited or limited, COVID-19 has taken a toll on the restaurant industry across Canada. Delivery platforms can offer a new revenue stream for local restaurants, providing access to a network of delivery people and an audience of new customers. With Uber Eats, restaurants can choose between flexible options like 0% pick-up, 7.5 per cent for online ordering, and 15 per cent for restaurants who use their own delivery staff in addition to our full-service option. 

“These days, supporting your favourite restaurants isn’t always easy. We are excited to offer Uber Eats in 120 markets in Canada to help provide additional support for the struggling industry. We are committed to working with the city’s restaurant scene to bring you the best Orillia has to offer at the touch of a button,” Lola Kassim, General Manager of Uber Eats Canada.

We are starting with more than 40 local favourites including Studabakers, Brewery Bay Food Co. and Pizza Hut all available at the click of a button on Uber Eats. 

“We are thrilled to have Uber Eats come to Orillia and that we are going to be a part of it," said Joe Winacott of Studabakers.  

"During this pandemic and the challenging times all restaurants are facing, we realize how important the take out revenue is. Maximizing our take out was needed to keep us afloat during these challenging times, joining Uber eats gives us another pathway to surviving this pandemic," said Winacott.

"We don't know what the future will hold, or how long it will take to get back to normal, but in the event it prolongs or happens again, joining successful take out platforms like Uber will help us stay open for our staff and for our community," he said.

"Partnering with Uber will hopefully introduce us to new customers who are not able to dine in or pick up. We are excited to partner up with them and build a long lasting relationship to get our food into customers hands," said Winacott.  

If you have any questions, please let me know. Tips for ordering and resources for restaurants are included below. 

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