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Want to star on the stage? MAT staging auditions for new show!

Would you like to perform in The Gin Game? Information session will be held Jan. 18 at MAT Centre
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Interested in auditioning for this classic of the stage and screen? Save this date and join James Fairbairn who will share audition material for each part available and will coach attendees on how to prepare for their auditions.

The Gin Game Information Session will take place on Saturday, Jan. 18, 2020 at 7:30 p.m., with Director James Fairbairn at The M.A.T. Centre (12 Brammer Dr., Orillia).

**NOTE: Group auditions for The Gin Game will be held the following week, on Saturday, Jan. 25, from 7-9 p.m. If you are interested in auditioning, it is strongly recommended that you attend this info night.**

The Gin Game...a brief look. Weller Martin and Fonsia Dorsey, two elderly residents at a nursing home for senior citizens, strike up an acquaintance. Neither seems to have any other friends, and they start to enjoy each other's company.

Weller offers to teach Fonsia how to play gin rummy, and they begin playing a series of games that Fonsia always wins. Weller's inability to win a single hand becomes increasingly frustrating to him, while Fonsia becomes increasingly confident.

While playing their games of gin, they engage in lengthy conversations about their families and their lives in the outside world. Gradually, each conversation becomes a battle, much like the ongoing gin games, as each player tries to expose the other's weaknesses, to belittle the other's life, and to humiliate the other thoroughly.

For more information, or to RSVP for auditions, please contact via email: Joan Mizzi-Fry,  co-producer,