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WATCH: We eat and drink hundreds of plastic particles everyday

Ontario scientists conducting experiments in Parry Sound and Collingwood have identified a major source of microplastic pollution: laundry machines

Although most people don't know it, humans eat, drink and breathe in tiny pieces of plastic everyday—hundreds of them. Many of these microplastics are microfibres that originate from clothing and end up in the Great Lakes, via laundry machines. 

In the latest instalment of Village Media’s The Big Read, Erika Engel explores the scourge of microfibres, where they come from, and the groundbreaking research being conducted by a group of scientists in small-town Ontario. 

Engel, the Editor of, talks about her in-depth story on the current episode of Inside the Village, a news podcast produced by Village Media. Joining her on the show are Ashley Morrison and Bronwyn Kirby from the environmental charity Georgian Bay Forever.

You can read Engel's feature story here. The full interview can be found here, or wherever you find your favourite podcasts.

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