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Orillia Channel Cats kick off new season in Milton

Thirty-nine local swimmers competed at first competition of the season

The Orillia Channel Cats Swim Club competed in the first meet of the season held in Milton. Thirty-nine swimmers from the Bronze, Silver and Gold training groups participated in the meet.     

“This meet is very early in the season, to remind our swimmers what it feels like to race,” said Cats head coach Meredith Thompson-Edwards. “It gives the swimmers a starting point for the season, and lets us all know what we need to work on.” 

This meet offers a Dash for Cash event for the top eight swimmers per age group in the 50-metre freestyle. Ariel McGee and Sayre Hart advanced to the Dash for Cash round and ended up placing 7th.     

Swimmers in attendance include: Grier Kershaw, Marit Kershaw,  Ava Holmgren, Bella Holmgren,  Sayre Hart, Hannah Kennedy, Katie Heckendorn, Sarah Sneyd, Peter Sneyd, Nathaniel Sneyd, Nathan McClinchey, Charlee Tillmanns, Adair Wieclawek, Blythe Wieclawek, Hayden Nie, Peyton Nie, Marley Grave, Alexander Baillie, Rachel Carr, Sophie DeWolfsmith,  Molly Hazel, Grace Diawri, Jack Dilawri, Tristan Sekleski , Olivia LePage,  Owen McCool, Ariel McGee,  Jackson Denne,  Meghan Rogers, Anna Holton, Indiana Abram, Genevieve Loewen, Jakob Loewen, Owen Wagner, Evan Wagner, Megan Widmer, Evangeline Cooke, Hughie Edwards and Flora Haslem.       

The Cats are competing this weekend in Barrie at the Aquafest Invitational, where the 13 and over swimmers will try to place top 16 in their events in order to earn a spot in the finals.