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Channel Cats battle regional foes at invitational meets

Meet provided one last chance for local swimmers to qualify for Huronia Short Course Regionals

The Orillia Channel Cats Swim Club recently attended two Invitational meets held the same weekend. 

The first was the Cats Winter Invitational hosted by Orillia at the YMCA.     

Clubs from Muskoka and Barrie were in attendance as well as over 40 swimmers from Orillia. This meet gave swimmers the opportunity to have one last chance to qualify for Huronia Short Course Regionals.  

Recent qualifiers include Meghan Rogers (15) in the 200 backstroke, Hayden Nie made the 100 freestyle and Eleanor Waite qualified in 200 breaststroke.

“Invitational meets give swimmers the opportunity to get times in different events which helps to develop a well-rounded swimmer,” said Cats head coach Meredith Thompson-Edwards. '

For some swimmers, this was their first competition which is another added benefit to attending Invitational meets. Swimmers in attendance included: 

  • Eve Cosco 
  • Kaitlyn Allin
  • Donovan Allin
  • Mathieu Rainville
  • Katie Heckendorn 
  • Zach Moczkodan 
  • Maelle Bouchard
  • Ava-Holly Elliott 
  • Megan Widmer
  • Owen Wagner 
  • Evan Wagner
  • Elle Waite 
  • Indiana Abram 
  • Evie Cooke 
  • Ava Holmgren
  • Bella Holmgren 
  • Kate Sontag
  • Alexander Baillie
  • Rowan Hart 
  • Sayre Hart 
  • Genevieve Loewen
  • Jakob Loewen
  • Jackson Denne 
  • Jaylyn McGregor
  • Nathan McClinchey
  • Owen Rosati
  • Esmee Rosati
  • Katie William
  • Caleb Near
  • Meghan Rogers 
  • Zach Sternberg
  • Emma Boychoff
  • Tristan Sekleski
  • Hannah Kennedy 
  • Rachel Carr 
  • Benjamin Fishpool 
  • Peyton Nie 
  • Hayden Nie 
  • Anna Vurma
  • Rebecca Mascioli 
  • Hughie Edwards

Orillia also attended the Victor Davis Long Course Invitational held in Guelph. Once again swimmers had the opportunity to race different events, in a 50- metre pool.   

“This is a great opportunity to try something different and to get in and race long course,” said Thompson-Edwards.       

Swimmers had some personal best times, and were able to try different race strategies.    

“We are gearing up for Huronia SC Regional Championships which will be held in Bracebridge in early February," said the coach.   

Both meets enabled swimmers and coaches to recognize what needs to be worked on heading into that competition. 

Swimmers in attendance included:

  • Rowan Hart 
  • Sayre Hart 
  • Grier Kershaw 
  • Marit Kershaw
  • Jackson Denne
  • Chloe Smith 
  • Rachel Carr 
  • Ava Holmgren
  • Isabella Holmgren
  • Evangeline Cooke 
  • Charlee Tillmanns
  • Indiana Abram 
  • Owen Wagner 
  • Evan Wagner 
  • Megan Widmer
  • Olivia LePage
  • Ava Holly Elliott 
  • Adair Wieclawek
  • Blythe Wieclawek
  • Caleb Near 
  • Flora Haslem 
  • Kait Madden 
  • Holly McCool
  • Katie Heckendorn