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Orillia Sharks 'give back to go back' to support community

The Cheer Sport Sharks have donated school supplies among other things as part of its Sharks Give Back to go Back drive
2021-09-03 Cheer Sport Sharks
Cheer Sport Sharks Orillia.

A wave of generosity and community outreach has washed ashore at Cheer Sport Sharks Orillia.

Athletes, coaches and families, have donated to the gym's "Sharks Give Back to Go Back" drive in support of local families in need. School supplies, hygiene items and school safe snacks overflow the backpacks that each of the gym's six competitive teams had been challenged to fill.

Since opening initially in the Orillia area, formerly as Snow Leopards Cheerleading, the gym has been based on a foundation of positivity and giving back to the community the gym is proud to call home. 

As the school year gets set to get underway, the 2021-22 cheerleading season also is set to be one of the strongest the gym has had on record.

With six competitive teams, a newly added recreational program, and further activities still in development, coaches and staff can't want to dive back into the sport both they and their athletes missed so greatly in 2020, when restrictions limited their ability to practice in person, and their competitions became virtual events.

To learn more about both the upcoming competitive and recreational opportunities contact us by email or by phone: 705-323-9550.