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Ramara Soccer Club scores for the week

This week's scores (where available) and games played
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Ramara Soccer Club's weekly scores and games played July 25-Aug. 7.

We do not keep score for ages 4-12 but would like to include the sponsors (team name) and some coaches include a player of the game (POG).

Timbits (no scores kept)

Timbits Orange vs Timbits Red

Timbits Navy vs Timbits Teal

Timbits Lime vs Timbits Yellow

5/6 Division (no scores kept)

A Perfect View Tree Service vs Twin Lakes Home Improvements

Lakeside Dentistry vs Rotary Club of Washago

James Cameron Construction vs Ben’s Pharmacy

7/8 Division (no scores kept)

Pet Valu – Fittons Plaza vs Orillia Masonic Lodge

Knights of Columbus #1428 vs Kitchen Tire

Ramara Fire vs Sam & Sarah Inc.

9/10 Division (no scores kept)

Joe Watt Trophy vs Kevin Wood Real Estate

Brechin Tim-Br-Mart vs Marina del Rey; POG: Max King

Mac Lang Orillia vs Crystal Clear Roofing

11/12 Division (no scores kept)

Experience Nissan vs Lafarge

Black’s Heating & Sheet Metal vs Kitchen Tire

Orillia Hyundai vs Kitchen Tire

13/14 Division Playoffs

Kitchen Tire 2 vs Royal LePage 2: Kitchen Tire goals scored by Jade Coleman, Owen Johnston; POG: Caden Cotter. Royal LePage goals scored by Madelaine Healy; POG: Amber Brooks

Bin There Dump That 7 vs Kelsey’s Restaurant 2: Bin There Dump That goals scored by Tyler Inwood, Cameron Meyers, Devon Lahay, Peyton Tost, Jackson Snache; POG: Kelsey’s Restaurant goals scored by Massimo Chiaramida

Royal LePage 2 vs Kelsey’s Restaurant 4: Royal LePage goals scored by Tyler Huffman; POG: Madelaine Healy. Kelsey’s Restaurant goals scored by Massimo Chiaramida, Matthew Hoefer

Kitchen Tire 1 vs Bin There Dump That 8: Kitchen Tire goal scored by Jade Coleman; POG: Sydney Sharpe. Bin There Dump That goals scored by Cameron Meyers, Gaby Snache, Tyler Inwood, Jackson Snache, Mya McGee, Sadie Crossett, Devon Lahay; POG: Kylie Edwards

Bin There Dump That 3 vs Royal LePage 1: Bin There Dump That goals scored by Devon Lahay, Jackson Snache; POG: Brick Wolfe. Royal LePage goal scored by Ella Rae; POG: Curtis Burnett

Kitchen Tire 2 vs Kelsey’s Restaurant 6: Kitchen Tire goals scored by Cooper Pennock, Sydney Sharpe; POG: Caden Cotter. Kelsey’s Restaurant goals scored by Massimo Chiaramida, Matthew Hoefer, Nicholas Hoefer, Jaxon Forrester

15-17 Division

Kitchen Tire 4 vs Red Truck Kickers 0: Kitchen Tire goals scored by Markham Gogarty, Ben Marzano, Matt Marzano

Adult Division 2nd round of playoffs

Ramara Rockets Royal 1 vs Ramara Rockets Yellow 0: Royal goal scored by JJ Healy; POG: Shawn McCormick. Yellow POG: Alanna Foy

Ramara Rockets Grey 5 vs Ramara Rockets Teal 3: Grey goals scored by Johnathan James, Dylan Embury, Zak Holdsworth, Matt Woodrow, Robbie Embury; POG: Sabrina Harvey. Teal goals scored by Adam Hamilton, John Whitney

Ramara Rockets Red 0 vs Ramara Rockets Purple 2: Purple goals scored by Gord Weiss, James Newlands; POG: Max Hayes

Ramara Rockets Lime 1 vs Ramara Rockets Orange 2: Lime goal scored by Tony Chiaramida; POG: whole team. Orange goals scored by Kyle Byers, Ethan Hopkins; POG: Ethan Hopkins

Ramara Rockets Orange 4 vs Ramara Rockets Grey 1: Orange goals scored by Andrew Ronan, Kyle Byers, Greg Fraser; POG: Aaron Willis. Grey goals scored by Brian Nevill; POG: Courtney Embury